Hi, I´m Claudia with PhotoJockey Photography.

I was born and raised in Krumbach, Germany. After a successful education at vocationally-oriented upper secondary school I started training as a professional photographer. But it was clear right from the beginning: live music photography and band portraits is the route I will have to take. That way I could combine both of my passions: Music and Photography.

It is not just the hours of pleasure as I listened to great artists but also because of many interesting and inspiring people I met. Since now I can count a lot of well-known artists from around the world to my portfolio.
My secret of great pictures: the attention to the perfect moment, the love of details and the passion for quality. My mission is to be able to bring the most emotionally engaging imagery I am capable of capturing.
I totally enjoy working with bands worldwide and I am up for anything new and open for new ideas.

Just check out my portfolio, watch my blog or subscribe to my newsletter and be the first to now what`s coming next.

At this point I want to thank my family who supported me from the very beginning and helped me living my dream.