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It All Started With Passion

Hey, thanks for stopping by. We are PhotoJockey OnStage Photography. We are professional Concert and Musician Photographer based in the South of Germany. There we create cool pictures for artists, especially musicians around the globe. If you like our work, don’t hesitate to reach out.

PhotoJockey OnStage Photography is already known for pushing the best of imagery, both stage, and studio. Our secret of great pictures: the attention to the perfect moment on stage, the love of details and the passion for quality in concert photography and musician portraits. The mission of PhotoJockey OnStage Photography is to be able to bring the most emotionally engaging imagery which is capable of capturing.

We evolve, photography evolves, clients evolve, so the way we get the job done evolves as well. We want to focus on what’s actually needed and slash the stuff that isn’t. We are at being a proponent of good photography and the voice for change within the business. Always up for anything new and open to new ideas. We’ve got some bold ideas and can’t wait to share.


But firstly it’s about jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, surprising and well composed stories told through the lens of the beholder. Make sure you look through the portfolio and have a chat with us about your next project, whether in Concert Photography or musician/artist portraits.

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Reasons to Choose Our Services


Our deep passion for Concert and Portrait Photography drives us to push ourselves as professional photographers every single day. Regardless of the obstacles and challenges that might get in our ways. We provide artists the most beautiful portraits that capture the true essence of their inner selves. Persist with passionate photography.


Great concert photography or musician portraits are simple. It is to merely choose, invent or patiently wait for that properly illuminating and perfectly enhancing light. In order to utilize the proper electronic and mechanical equipment and optical principles and processes. This will isolate and capture the combination forever in a visually meaningful and aesthetically interesting way.


PhotoJockey Photography combines OnStage Photography and Musician Portraits on a high technical and creative level with emotional moves and space for interpretation. We are shooting the most powerful picture, which can be captured. We are pushing the limits of innovation – Storytelling quality is paramount.



Ideas are sometimes easy and sometimes hard to find. Working together is always the best idea to get the perfect photo result which includes fascinating the viewers to the pictures and captivating them. PhotoJockey Photography guarantees you to get the best out of your concert or greatest portrait.


The demand for consistently creating profound photographs can be both exhausting and arduous. However worthwhile when you love what you do. Behind PhotoJockey Photography there is an inspired soul, driven by creativity! Trying to make our clients happy and envolving with our concert photographs or musician portraits.


The secret of good Photography? It is all about expressions! Putting the highest emotions and the right perspective into an image to make a precious pearl out of every single unique moment. Getting the exact moment and the perfect perspective at a concert is not always as easy as it seems. Photographers of PhotoJockey are sensitive to combine both and make your pictures coming alive again.

Thin. Light. Epic.

Start Something New

We appreciate the raw reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty of those in-between moments. PhotoJockey Photography does the very best to take every picture with that in mind. We want our viewers to relate to our photographs and portraits through recognition of and familiarity with the situations.
Already love our works? So what are you waiting for? Let’s Make Something Great!