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Selfportrait of Claudia Steinle - CEO of Photojockey RockPix

My name is Claudia,
I’m an artist photographer.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been looking at the world through a camera lens.
It opened up a whole new world – learning to connect to others by sharing my experience and view through photographs.
No other situation is more exhilarating than witnessing artists express themselves – as I love music (almost as much as photography), focusing on musicians – both event (music tours and concerts) and studio (cover art and press-pictures) photography. As I gathered 20 years of experience working and traveling with musicians and their entourage, I mastered the art of being; always there but never visible; tour bus, sound check, behind the scenes, or meet and greet. Artists and fans will have one-of-a-kind memories of their ultimate bonding experience.

``Working with artists is like a supernova: When their creativitv runs free and connects them to their audience, so much explosive energy is released, it feels overwhelming. I love being there and capturing these perfect moments.``
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